Z = Brain Electron Impedance. The BAL WAR status reports.

BAL is an ancient language, known today as Basic Assembler Language ---> the military secrets of BALLET = BAL LETTER. The 4 DNA ballet dancers in the picture portray the Double-Helix twist signal.

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Nature's bio-computer system DEMO with the Missouri Lutheran Synod



Let's look at Nature's data  processing systems. They have existed for thousands of years, using the human as a bio-computer processor.
Thus we have examples of  ancient JCL =  Job Control Language  VIA JCL = Julius Caesar  & Latin

Julius Caesar (name) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Julius Caesar's name - Using the Latin alphabet as it existed in the day of Julius Caesar (100 BC – 44 BC) (i.e., without lower case letters, "J" ...
The leader of a bio-computer social engineering  system.
In modern times... we have the copper-wire computer and its hardware and software to provide us with a partial mirror to ancient systems using super-symmetry physics  SYMBOL ANALYSIS techniques. Copper-wire computers came into practical  existence between 1950 and 1980  ...and then Nature used Darwinian adaption of SYMBOLS and CONCEPTS ... and applied those copper computer ideas to the human  brain SYMBOL  processor.
First let's look at a example  ... and then we will cover the Missouri Synod.

The 4-H  CLUB and the FFA are organizations for farm teenage children at the conscious LEVEL of existence in farm agriculture communities.

Agriculture, Plant & Animal Science | Kids, Youth Development ... - 4-H
These programs engage and excite young people in the modern, high-tech, and fascinating field of agricultural science

4-H Youth Development Organization | 4-H

A youth development organization serving more than 6.5 million young people, 4-H provides youth development programs with a focus on science, health and ...

The National FFA Organization (also known as Future Farmers of America) is an organization that helps young people develop career, leadership and life skills ...

These 2  groups are Carl Jung  collective .... farm collectives.   They have a Carl Jung collective unconsciousness and the farm / agriculture unconsciouness .... known as the GROUP  MIND . In year 2013, theri unconscious mind  PLAYS with the Joseph Stalin farm collective policies and attitudes toward other people  ...... they have an  myopic, arrogant , superiority  attitude ..... consequently NATURE's systems  signaling EVENT at Lake Superior  .... about the superiority attitude  problem of the DATCP in Wisconsin ...... consequently the Lake  Superior lesson to Ron Nilsestuen.

Nilsestuen, state DATCP head, drowns in Lake Superiorlacrossetribune.com/.../nilsestuen...datcp.../article_b35f0e98-954d-11df-...‎

Jul 22, 2010 - MADISON - Rod Nilsestuen, who has led the state Department of ... 2 Ron Kind: Learn how health care reform can help — before it's too late ...

Lets look at the secret BASE 16  brain bio-computer NETWORK of these 2  organizations.  These groups exist at various levels ...the conscious level  and at the unconscious level and various subconscious levels.

These levels are well-known concepts....
Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological ...Attachment theory - ‎Abraham Maslow - ‎Self-actualization - ‎Clayton Alderfer
Several things are missing from the above.  Missing are the human needs for SYMBOL LIFE and Knowledge --> high school algebra, plane geometry, biology ,  chemistry, and PSSC physics. in addition the HUMAN brain SYMBOL processor needs some basic college math and science concepts in Math, genetics, biochemistry, organic   chemistry,,  mechanical engineering,  electronics, etc ....  such as found in basic college textbooks .. . the beginning courses in those areas  of knowledge.   For those not going to college,  they can go to a bookstore or  a  college bookstore  and buy some basic
text books ... to be used a reference books for Nature's view of  your  Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain SYMBOL computer  MISSION on EARTH LAB.

General semantics
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Institute of General Semantics, which Korzybski and co-workers founded in 1938, .... Hayakawa read The Tyranny of Words, then Science and Sanity, and in ...

Language in Thought and Action:
Fifth Edition: S.I. Hayakawa, Alan ...
www.amazon.com › ... › Words, Language & GrammarSemantics

Language in Thought and Action: Fifth Edition [S.I. Hayakawa, Alan R. Hayakawa, ... this classic work on semantics

Korzybski's Structural Differential and Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladderwww.generalsemantics.org/.../korzybskis-structural-differential-and-haya...‎
by S Stockdale - ‎Cited by 4 - ‎Related articles
Some of you talked about abstracting in the context of Korzybski's Structural Differential model, while some of you used Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder diagram.

Let's apply the concepts of levels of   ladder to the BASE 16 hexadecimal bio-computer groups ....... 4-H CLUB and the FFA.
The FFA group ...... fron the Base 16 point-of -view  --> Hex'FF' America.
The Base 16 number system gives HEX'FF" = 255 = High-values  ..... thus the Carl Jung unconscious mind MISSION of the FFA was to recognize this math aspect of life on EARTH and it's   geography farm land  ... that also has a SYMBOL MAP. 

Let's look at the SYMBOL MACHINE words.... Base 16 word -->  Farm --> comprised of 2 parts --> Fa + rm  --> Hex'Fa' room with Hex'Fa' = 250.   Thus we see copper-wire computer terminology can be used  to explain  agriculture in year 2013. 

Thus we are reminded of the brain language issues ..... 

The Map is Not the Territory - The Donella Meadows Institutewww.sustainer.org/dhm_archive/index.php?display_article...‎

"The symbol is NOT the thing symbolized," thunders Hayakawa. "The map is NOT the territory. The word is NOT the thing. "Most societies systematically ...

Language in Thought and Action - Page 19 - Google Books Resultbooks.google.com/books?isbn=0156482401
Samuel Ichiyé Hayakawa, ‎Alan R. Hayakawa - 1990 - ‎Language Arts & Disciplines
Samuel Ichiyé Hayakawa Alan R. Hayakawa ... The symbol 1 I the thing symbolized The map IS NOT the territory The word — ' ' the thing Maps and Territories ...

S. I. Hayakawa - Wikiquoteen.wikiquote.org/wiki/S._I._Hayakawa‎

Jump to Maps and Territories - If, however, he grows up with a false map in his head [. ... He will not be adjusted to the world as it is: he may, if the ...Sourced - ‎Language in Thought and Action ... - ‎What Animals Shall We Imitate?

The FFA group is comprised of binary Base 2  -->. 2-legged humans and represent Base 2 and base 16.   Their mission is to also represent Nature's systems and Nature's social engineering policy  and farm policy. The FFA and the state universities have failed  to include many important FACTS into their year 2013 perceptions of REALITY.  

 To their  INTELLECTUAL credit, they perceive football games, restaurant menus,  television songs and dances  AND have used Darwinian adaption of those activities  to upgrade their brain cells.

The 4-H Club is comprised of binary base 2 --> 2-legged humans.  Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  word identifier --> 4-H Club --->  base 4 - Hooves Club --> thus the human students represent Nature's 4-legged  bi-computer cattle   and
the 4-legged cattle and their SYS1. CATALOG  .... its foundation is Base 4 animal  data processing machines.

Thus IBM and other copper-wire computer companies use Base 2 and Base 16  for their version of the SYS1.Catalog.

Nature's humans and animals   ...using super-symmetry physics and bio-physics MIRROR has the  copper wire computer concepts.
Thus the 4-H Club plays  an important interface with Nature's  systems and Einsteins  data processing DATA FIELD theory and its application to farm fields ... that is farm  data fields.   Let's look at a farm region near hexadecimal Highway 16 in Wisconsin.
Nature's symbol machine has the following descriptive words that now apply to agriculture.

ground / soil / LAND  at location --> LAND at --> Local Area Network DATA

Farm --> Base 16 symbol HEX 'F' = 15  --> arm / hand muscles of a Base 16 oxygen atomic bio-physics
farmer with LU = Logical Units known as LU = LUNGS.

Farm --> Base 16 symbol HEX'Fa" = 250  room .....  Nature's perception of larger things like buildings and land area 

Fields of soybeans --> subset words and alphabet letters -->  Fields  soybeans --> data fields answers.
Farm  animals --> Farm  an --->  Farm alpha/numeric  structures such as   4-legged dairy cattle that use the Base 4 system  .... known to the Carl Jung subconscious mind of the 4-H CLUB and  university agriculture schools.. 
Above, we see Nature's base 4 bio-computer device ..... known as a dairy cow.  Computer earth system 360  and  the Hexadecimal Highway 16  signal  tells us that  important bio-math informations signaling features of the 4-legged dairy cow  is the EAR ..... that is 2 Ears.   Looking at the mathematical structure of the cow in 3-dimension VIEW ...we see the 4 legs are the foundation ..  thus  number  BASE 4 ...... and the ears are raised up  into an exponential position  ---> thus the dairy cow math equation  ---> Base 4 exponent 2 = 16 

In University of Wisconsin, Madison ......
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences – University of Wisconsin ...www.cals.wisc.edu/‎

College of Agricultural and Life SciencesUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison ... UW-Madison launches national Agricultural Innovation Prize ·

the symbol equivalent --->
The dairy cow --> key word  letters  -->  dairy cow --> subset  --> da  co --> data code.

Thus we 2 types  expression of  Nature's  proper  noun:    STEIN 

1) the 2-legged  math /physics expression such as einSTEIN.
2) the 4-legged  data code machine  .....expression  ..holSTEIN.

Thus we see Nature's double-helix style of expression  ...that was discussed in the 1920's.

Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_de_Broglie

Louis-Victor-Pierre-Raymond, 7th duc de Broglie, ForMemRS was a French physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory. In his 1924 ...Biography - ‎Important theories - ‎Honors and awards - ‎Publications

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protectiondatcp.wi.gov/‎

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) asks relatives of the recently deceased to be on alert for requests for money ...

DATCP   ... in computer science terms ..

DATCP --> DATA Control Program   ..... and of couse, the brain bio-computer programming ERROR  that reulted in the Basv 16 HEX death of Matt Anderson,    the resultant computer science cover-up,  and denial of the existence of Base 16 and the denial of the existence of  the oxygen atomic mass 16 processor.

The super-symmetry bio-physics model of Base 16  ......  would include COMPUTER  EARTH geography address space .... that is  the geography land/ computer address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  ..... such as known to COMPUTER WORLD geography computer specialists,  
Above... is an article about logic gates   and the usage of cattle gates on Nature's EARTH LAB systems ... ...f or SYS1.Catalog logic gates.   

  • The EARTH farm  land version 
  • Tractor Supply Online Store - Enjoy browsing:  Gates
  • and the human version of the DUALITY PRINCIPLE ....
  • Earth  actor Supply Online Store - Enjoy browsing:  
    invoice  Gates
     ..... alias ....  bill gates and EARTH LAB accounting systems
  • Lets review the  Base 16 Duality Principle ...... and a previous idea.
  • .
  • The super-symmetry bio-physics model of Base 16  ......  would include COMPUTER  EARTH geography address space .... that is  the geography land/ computer address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  ..... such as known to COMPUTER WORLD geography computer specialists,   At address space 1600 Pennsylvania are Base 2  binary humanoids.

  • Now let's look at Nature's super-symmetry  mirror  
    .... the parallel processing situation to 1600 Pennsylvania.

    Milwaukee Stockyards - AP Business - Charleston Daily Mail - West ...www.dailymail.com/rssFeeds/201009240641‎

    Sep 24, 2010 - Holstein steers: high choice and prime Holstein steers 1,500-1,700 ...
    Bulls: premium beef bulls 1,600-2,050 pounds up to 71; common to good ...
  • Thus we have  two  base 16 signals with key word STEM: PEN 
  • a) 1600 Pen .....  a street  address in Washington, DC  ... with premium humanoids that  are concerned about the Wall Street stock market 
  • b) the 4=legged animal weight of 1600 pounds in a cattle PEN at the stock yards.
  • Thus we see an interesting secret puzzle about year 2013 farmers, universities, and agriculture .

Thus we some clues about the Hayakawa abstraction ladder and its  SYMBOL MACHINE analysis  .....  application to agriculture organizations. The Hayakawa abstraction ladder TRIAL was in Hayward, Wisconsin .... known to botany graduate students as the RICE language trial of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. 

Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1872, it joined the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Norwegian Synod, the two other large conservative Lutheran bodies, in forming the ...
Below, the Wisconsin SYNOD --> System node and the role of  Hubbleton, Wisconsin  in their bio-communications  system.
Below, another system configuration. 
Above, their computer features .... of their STATES of MIND that parallel Earth Lab geography states.

Maine --> Main storage 
Vermont --> abbreviation = VT --> implies VTOC = Volume  Table of Contents  
Connecticut  --> their communications LINKS and connections  ...that failed to acknowledge the James Burke  CONNECTIONS project.
Rhode Island --> subset letters -->  ode  +  IS + land --> code Information System Local Area  Network data 
In addition, they operate in the NEW ENGLAND district in geography ......
BUT .....
in  the  Hayakawa symbol map  levels ...
the New England District may be involved in religious manipulation  at a subliminal LEVEL  of the  New England Journal of Medicine and the American Medical Association ..... which is already under partial control by CLUB MED  and their vacation thought systems ...an attempt to put the doctors brain AWARENESS on vacation ...put that  section of the brain on vacation.  
Books  like 1984,  Brave New World,  and others  forewarned us of the possibility of social psychology tricks.  Those tricks are now operational in year 2013.
"The symbol is NOT the thing symbolized," thunders Hayakawa. "The map is NOT the territory. The word is NOT the thing. "Most societies systematically ...

Language in Thought and Action - Page 19 - Google Books Result

Samuel  Hayakawa, ‎Alan R. Hayakawa - 1990 - ‎Language Arts & Disciplines
Samuel Hayakawa Alan R. Hayakawa ... The symbol 1 I the thing symbolized The map IS NOT the territory The word — ' ' the thing Maps and Territories ...
Can the Missouri Synod in the geography state of Connecticut ..connect their Brain sections. 
Speaking of Missouri ..... let's recall Harry S. Truman  ..... and his theory of his existence and his Sartre existential purpose.
Harry S. Truman
A middle-aged Caucasian male wearing a dark business suit and wireframe glasses is depicted smiling pensively at the camera in a black-and-white photo.
33rd President of the United States
In office
April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953
Vice President
Preceded by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Succeeded by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Thus we have the COMPUTER EARTH and the   State of MISS  = Management Information Social Systems.
Harry --> Hypothesis array such as using in math decision theory  and hypothesis testing 
Harry --> referback to Galileo and year 1616  --> Nature's base 16 HEX project  --> HST  --> Hexadecimal space/ time 
In year 1950 we have agent HST from Independence , Missouri  ........ thus Nature's announcement of
HEX space/time  will create  an Independent MIS system ... such as the copper-wire systems hardware and software of  IBM and others .... which came to be  TRUE in year 1950 thru 1980 ...   ..per Truman --> TRUE    MAN  predictions about Sartre existentialism and its future evolution  with NEW existences reaching  a level of conscious awareness and expression.
Thus you have  some pieces some interesting puzzle about reality.    In year 2103...... one must perceive newspapers and magazines has providing the surface veneer data about an EVENT or an organization .......  a database  with  incomplete explanations about the deeper levels of REALITY that may underlie the news article.   This provides amateur researchers and amateur scientists with  high school  education,   a home reference library of used math and basic science college textbooks with an opportunity to discover wisdom and insight ... as provided by Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE.
Thanks to the various organizations that provided important research data for Nature and Mother Earth.

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