Z = Brain Electron Impedance. The BAL WAR status reports.

BAL is an ancient language, known today as Basic Assembler Language ---> the military secrets of BALLET = BAL LETTER. The 4 DNA ballet dancers in the picture portray the Double-Helix twist signal.

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Human bio-computer memory used for PUBLIC STORAGE ... a cause of the Alzheimer's memory problem


The human bio-computer  has existed for thousands of years. 

The existence of copper wire main frame computers began around   1950 and  reached an  excellent level of  maturity by 1980. Thus, we now have ..... in a sense .... a mirror of ouselves.   In year 2013 .....from Nature's existential point of view ......    there exist  2 major categories of processors:

1) the copper-wire PC = Personnal Computer that uses electricity with a pressure  of 120
2) the biology PC = Person Computer that uses metabolism with a pressure of 120

Let's look at  your bio-computer SYMBOLIC MACHINE.
Since you breath  the  oxygen atomic mass 16  ...... the BASE 16 atomic computer....... into your LU = Logical Unit = LUNGS  ...you are a  data processing device ...with hexadecimal features   in the REAL world.   A REAL world battle  took place in Utoya,  Europe ..... with the failure of  
the LUNG agent --> LU + NG  = Norwegian Government ........  to acknowledge their secret OS/JCL bio-computer  manipulation  system in OSLO.  

Your  features that interest experimental scientists  are WEIGHT and HEIGHT.

The year 1865 announcement by Lewis Carroll ,......   clearly states that you are an EARTH specimen ...... regardless of the Hollywood  fantasy's you may entertain in your brain.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Chapter 11: Who ... 
Alice’s Adventures in   Wonderland 
A   summary of Chapter 11:
Who Stole the Tarts? in Lewis  Carroll's Alice's
Adventures... that they   all must do lest they forget their names before the trial's end. ... Theguinea
 is immediately   “suppressed” by being tied up in a bag and sat on.

Let's look at the human experiment in data processing.

The human bio-computer feature  is the equation:

Weigtht + Height -->  use algebra to factor number ... eight ---> eight (W + H) --> code..... 8 WH.

This corrrleates/LINKs to the  COMPUTER EARTH Base 16  ....geography computer address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue WH  (White House with humanoid bio-computer staff members ..... members of a  PDS = Partitioned Data Set)

Thus we have 2 WH  extended codes:
eight (WH )  --> eight (W + H)  --->  Weight + Height   of the human popluation ERRORS
1600(WH)  ---> 1600 Pennsylvania Acenue (White House bio-comnputer systems managers with awareness problems)  

Thus we have a a citizen population comprised of bio-computer SYMBOLIC MACHINES with cortex COBOL language programs with symbol / dictionary  bugs.   The brain computers  are well known to  experimental Computer Scientists.

In 1930,  the brain bio-computer program ....... program instructions for behavior has a ERROR and the BUG was labeled by the newspaper reporters as:

Bugs_Moran">Bugs  Moran - Wikipedia, the free   encyclopedia 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugs_MoranGeorge Clarence Moran (August 21, 1891 –
February 25, 1957), better known as Bugs  Moran, was a Chicago Prohibition-era gangster. He moved to the north ...

Early life  and career
Bugs_Moran#Prohibition">Prohibition ',event)"
Bugs_Moran# Al_Capone">
Battling Al   Capone -)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugs_Moran#After_Prohibition">After   Prohibition

Those brain BUGS are still not fixed.
The the brain program ERROR has gottem worse...and the year 2013 version is a symbolic mess.
 Now, you have the BUGS MORON  error inside your symbolic machine. 

Let's look at bio-computer language word ---> FAT.

It is used 3 ways.

First ..the base 16 range from Hex'F' = 15  to   Hex' A' = 10 (deimal)  ...see table above.

Second ...as the pair of symbols HEX'FA" = 250
used by

a) universities with intellectual VOODOO  cult members ..... within the  Base 16 Hex groups.
Base 16   HEX'Fa' =250 ---> fa + cult + y   ---> the y 2k  ..... 2k data stream of consciousness   ERROR  of the Faculty and their students 

Hence, the oxygen atomic computer  Base 16 battle  on April 16 at Virginia TECH

b) farmers  ..agriculture and the food industry ...with Base 16 input ..FOOD for Thought.

Base 16 Hex'fa" = 250  and the cover-up of  brain programming schemes in the State of Wisconsin ....the  brain programming  BUG that resulted in the accidental  murder of Matt Anferson of the Baes 16 organization ...the  with Base 16 symbols. ..  FFA.

The Base 16 Hex'Fa" = 250 and the ERRORS at Pabast Farms  in the COMPUTER EARTH  system 370 hexadecimal HIGHWAY 16 RD region .  
The Modified Data Tag  =  MDT  was triggered for the  reserved PABST Farms DATA FIELDS ....and resulted in the  murder of Gloria Totzke  AND
the omssion of this key evidence from the WAR  trial of ROTC military agent MDT  = Mark D. Totzke. 

c) other examples exist ...like the FAA  ..and Base 16  hexadecimal  space/time violations allowed in the aviation industry.
Thus we see understand the bio-computer WAR in Austin  and Nature's military orders  to JOE STACK   ........  about the levels / the stack / the hierarchy of  the city  of Austin and its secret societies   ...... hence,  SYMBOLIC MACHINE military identifiers :


STACK --> /stack_computers/">Stack   Computers: the new wave -- an on-line book
Major topics covered also include   architectural analysis of stack  machines, software issues, application ... If   you want to read this on a computer it will work well.

stack_computers/chap6.html">Stack Computers
Chapter 6 -- Understanding Stack Machines 
www.ece.cmu.edu/~koopman/stack_computers/chap6  in the preceding chapters, we have covered
both an abstract description of a stack  machine, and several examples of real stack
 that have been built.

Joseph Stack crashes Piper  Cherokee into Austin IRS  - Examiner.com  
www.examiner.com/.../joseph-stack-crashes-piper-cherokee-into-aust...Feb 18, 2010 – An apparently mild mannered 53

year old software engineer from Austin,   Texas crashed his Piper  Cherokee PA-28 (N2889D)
today, February ...

Thus we see the Computer Earth  system 370 data pipeline error SIGNAL .  
Piper ---> pip + er --> Pipeline error

The next examples of FAT -->  F + AT  --> Hex'F' = 15 and the ATOM software used on copper-wire  computers has adapted to the human bio-computer network system  ...using  human brains.   
It is suspected that the experiments require a large volume of people with brain computers  ... that have  had   their normal human memory of daily life ....... that memory diverted  for usage on the  human bio-computer experiments.
Hence, the need for  the  ALzheimer's  memory ploy ... the racket  ... to put human  bio-computers  
into nursing homes ----->    the brick /concrete building  filled with human brain elctron circuits  ...... being the modern version of a computer processing box.  


Bio-computer  BRAIN experiments in ENGLAND  with the IRON LADY      and experiments with  Brookhaven Labs  NOBEL brain specimen  Raymond Davis, JR = JOB REGION for bio-computer system TASKS ....... suggest this possibility. 

The bio-computer CODE  ..known as the CODE of SILENCE  prevents  hypnotized  professors from thinking about this.

Hence, the ATOM software for BLOG reports,etc   ...can now use the bio-computer world  .....  the  ancient  SECRET FORBIDDEN system used by many people in year 2013.

Atom (standard) - Wikipedia, the free  encyclopedia 
In particular, many blog and wiki sites offer their web
 in the Atom format. ... asGoogle to embrace Atom,   use of the older and better-known RSS formats has ...

rss.html">Blogger Buster: What is Atom/RSS 
by Amanda Kennedy - in 699 Google+ circles - More   by Amanda Kennedy
Oct 6, 2007 – Two   of the most popular feed readers you could use are GoogleReader ... So
I decided to publish both the Atom and RSS  feeds for

For the above copper-wire system software to work   ...in addition to the  nursing home  human bio-computers ....the social science scheme system need FAT people ....... the Base 16 Hex'F' = 15  AT -->ATOM interface bio-devices.

The bio-computer CODE of Silence   has a war  ...with many casualties   ... hence  the CODE of Silence results in incomples an biased explantions of tragic events. 

FAT battle reports.
1) FAT --> F + AT --> F + ATOM --> F + AT (ATLAS location) + OM (OMaha Shooting at the WEST ROAD mall with DAMTP signals  to Cambridge England  ..... British goverment ignores signals and denies the existence of Stephen Hawking and Ricdard Dawkins and super-symmetry parallel processing) 

2) FAT --> movie FATAL ATTRACTION --> subset letters  TAL + ATT --> FATAL TALL ATTACK  on SEPT 11, 2001 TALL buildings of Manhattan   ... AND the  TALL TALES  war of the BS  symbolic buildings of  MAN of Manhattan ..... for  violations of Paul Dirac atomic brain  SYMBOLIC MACHINE integrity laws  ...message  to New York  City via   FSU, TALL clear thinking  ..once at   -->  TALL.ahassee, Florida.

Thus we see the Base 16 human bio-computer wars and the Base 16 address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ....CODE of Silence
Given the above background  ... and the usage of human memory for bio-computer memory storage .....  we see Nature's   SIGNAL   via the public announcements  on television and in newspapers ..... about PUBLIC STORAGE.
Thus PUBLIC STORAGE is 2 things

a) the traditional  warehouse type storage space  that you rent for  $25 a  month to store  some of your stuff ... that you rarely  use  now ....
but you may find a use for it .... 20 years from now.. 

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible  
The invisible / difficult to figure out  ...... using the indirect  method (build cement  block storage facilities and NAME then:
Public Storage) .................... now becomes a  possible super-symmetry signal about  bio-computer  SYMBOLIC MACHINES .......
and their parallel is the copper-wire  computer MAIN FRAMES with  data storage .... that was named PUBLIC 

Volume Allocation for ..... Data Sets and ... - IBM

Request for public volume for temporary data set: For direct access, the system assigns a public or storage volume that is already mounted or, if no space is ...

Re: Is There a Way to Dynamically Add PUBLIC/STORAGE Volumes

  • www.mail-archive.com/ibm-main@bama.ua.edu/msg07731.html
  • Aug 23, 2005 – I have been asked to add 6 volumes to our PUB### storage pool which is used for temporary work files etc. This is what VATLST00 has: ...

IBM z/800 z/OS DASD Volume Display

  • web.utk.edu/~mnewman/qdisk.html
  • The Direct Access Storage Devices attached to the IBM z/800 at The University of ...

    A subset of the public and data base volumes are available for non-specific ...


In North America, the usage of bio-computer memory centers of the Alzheimer's  memory problem  ...and other effects.

In India,  a major   bio-computer society,   a major  STRING THEORY bio-physics experiment was performed  to  understand the bio-computer PUBLIC STORAGE  bio-memory device  ...  the  3320 model data storage using the people  of  the India sub-continent.

The data EVENT .....

The we see the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 VIEW of the  bio-computer WAR signaling event:

RAM --> Human  RAM --> Random Access Method
33 --> the parallel ... 3320 disk  storage ,  or model 3350, or  model 3380 
bus --> data bus
driver-->  bio-computer subroutine driver


Thus we see a molecular cell biology message on  INTERNAL bio-computers ...... and their EXTERNAL expression signals.



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