Z = Brain Electron Impedance. The BAL WAR status reports.

BAL is an ancient language, known today as Basic Assembler Language ---> the military secrets of BALLET = BAL LETTER. The 4 DNA ballet dancers in the picture portray the Double-Helix twist signal.

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The BAL time boundary WAR revealed by the 2007 Balad, IRAQ airplane crash


Computer Earth system 370 has many formats of computer science expression.
The copper-wire system 370 mainframe provides a good frame of reference for Nature's many systems.  


We have the  historical data processing geography regions of Mother Nature.

Examples of BAL = Basi…

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2007 Africa One crash near Zimbabwe impedance zone


Let's look at a tragic event that helps us understand the EARTH geography surface electronics system well known geology, geo-physics, and geography professors and researchers.


The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred when a twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to t…

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Milwaukee - Ballerina in Death's Head


Let's look at a warning message by Spanish artist Salvador Dali.


Ballerina in a Death's Head - Salvador Dali - WikiPaintings.org

www.wikipaintings.org › Salvador Dali
Ballerina in a Death's Head - Salvador Dali. Artist: Salvador Dali. Completion Date: 1939. Style: Sur…

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